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Plush Bunny Master Log

This is the full list of bunny plushies, every individual bunny made is assigned a number and is listed here. Bunnies are described to keep track of what colors have been made, and whether they have homes or not. Also, listed are bunnies being currently made, below is a key for terms within the list. This list was last updated: 11/8/2021. 


WIP - Work in progress

Uploading - Finished and is having their listing created

NFS - Not for sale

FS - For sale

Sold - Found a home

I always embroider a 'GC' on the bottom of one back foot of a bunny, I will list which back foot has the signature. I usually do the back left, but sometimes I'll accidentally put it on the right. 

Planned Bunnies as a website exclusive 2022:








Broken Brown

Broken Black

Black/White Californian

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