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Can't find your dream horse?

Let's make it a dream come true! Custom horses are as unique as the ones I come up with on my own, pricing can be difficult to gauge without knowing all the details about your dreamy equine. Please check the horse log gallery  for examples. It can take 1-2 months to complete a commission, but you can get an exact quote within 48 hours.

Starting costs:

Mini: $75+

Pony: $100+

Horse: $150+

Draft: $200+

Pricing will increase due to complex colors, patterns, or changes to the horses body shape. Mini and horse are the same pattern at different sizes. Pony is an in between size that is a stocky shape, think Shetland ponies. Drafts are the largest, they have the drafty horse shape and are the best cuddling size.

Measurements in drop down are the length of the horse from nose to tail, not the height. You may request any size, and combine different sizes and horse shapes; such as a pony in horse size, or your own custom size. Please feel free to ask any questions, quotes are free.

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